WHEREAS we are citizens who care about and work with elders in our community, and

WHEREAS we are keenly aware that as a society we are living longer, healthier, and more actively than the previous generations, and

WHEREAS we are thankful for all seniors who are able to be healthy, active, and independent, and

WHEREAS we also see that some of our elders face increased difficulties staying independent within their own homes because of increased frailty (either physical or cognitive), often coupled with social, cultural, and economic and/or access challenges, and

WHEREAS we are committed to addressing the health of elders as defined by the World Health Organization as “the state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity,”


NOW, THEREFORE BE RESOLVED THAT we believe the time is NOW to focus significant attention and energy to create the systems change needed to care adequately for the frail elderly in our community, and

THEREFORE we are committed to making the efforts and the decisions with other people and agencies in our community to devise creative and effective ways to leverage our current services to best serve the frail, and

THEREFORE we agree to deliver and/or endorse services that will positively impact the experiences of the frail elderly, and

THEREFORE we agree to work and encourage others in our organizations to work to tackle the creative work to develop new responses around discrete problems/issues faced by the elderly (e.g. transportation, chore service, etc), and

THEREFORE we readily join with other in our community to support the efforts of Seniors Count. We understand that the purpose of Seniors Count is to:

    • Create a compelling and targeted public education campaign to ensure that our community is fully aware of the systematic problems of that subset of the elderly population which is the most frail, vulnerable and isolated;
    • Propel this attention into increased investment of funding into the elder system of care; and
    • Build a collaboration that effectively uses existing services and supports.