Why was Seniors Count established?

Many of our neighbors are “falling through the cracks.” Almost 40 percent of Manchester's frail elderly are seriously limited in their ability to move freely and care for themselves. About 50 percent live alone -- which is a high risk factor for accidents, isolation and depression. And that number is increasing significantly. The aging baby boom generation provided urgency to the need to address the growing needs of elders. Seniors Count was established to discuss the plight of the elderly in Manchester and to raise awareness, reinforce values, leverage resources and coordinate services that support the independence and well-being of older people. These “older people” are our neighbors, our parents our relatives and our friends.

Who is involved?

See our list of members of the collaborating council and coordinating committee, funders, partners and others.

What are the goals?

With hundreds of people tackling the issues, a vision that by 2030 Greater Manchester will be a model of full involvement by all citizens, where the natural way of life promotes the maximization of independence and quality of life of the frail elderly, becomes possible.

If I register on the site, how will my information be used?

We will use your registration information to keep you updated on happenings. We value your privacy.  We will not rent or sell your e-mail address.

How can I become involved?

Log onto www.seniorscountnh.org and register to become a member. If you do not have a computer, or require specialized assistance due to a disability, please contact Seniors Count at 603-644-2240 and we can submit your registration information for you.

It’s important to note that there are no requirements and no expectations. You can decide to be as active as you choose. Members will determine how active they wish to be, whether that is simply keeping up-to-date on the happenings, attending meetings or participating in any number of events.